Take Care in Case of Any Problems

इसे हिंदी मैं पढिये

  1. If Captcha are not filling or License Save button not working then close and reopen the browser. Otherwise restart your computer
  2. Clear all the payment preferred list of banks in IRCTC account in profile settings
  3. If you have to ever change time of your computer then do it only after 12 pm.

India Time Zone
  • Time zone of your computer must be set to Chennai, Kolkata time that is (UTC+5:30)

Click to Zoom

  • In case of Session Logout problems please use a new profile in which all extensions are disabled.
    1. You have to only enable the aam aadmi Tatkal extensions in your new browser.
    2. Disable all another extentions by unselecting them.

  • If you have to clear history of your browser then do it only at 12 pm. Then you must use it to book at least one ticket of any type. By booking ticket, the browser will download cache and many things which will not be re-downloaded when you book Tatkal next time, making your connection fast.
    1. Firstly you have to go to clear browsing data page.
    2. From here you have to select the option the beginning of time.
    3. Then click here to clear your browsing data.