Check PNR Status of Your Rail Ticket

Please enter 10 digit PNR number without spaces or - ; eg: 7888345329


Ticket PNR status explained

Reservation against cancellation: it means your at the least half seat is confirmed which is usually the one side of the lower side berth. It also means that till the time of chart preparation the RAC status could keep changing and the final berth number will be given only after chart is prepared which normally happens 0-6 hours before train departure in case train is after 12 noon. Else chart will be prepared at night 8 pm.
Waiting list: It means you don't have any confirmed ticket and status could keep changing and the final berth number will be given only after chart is prepared if room is there otherwise you have not been alloted a bert. In case of no confirmed seats in e-tickets full money will be refunded automatically. In case of PRS tickets with no confirmed tickets you can get full refund even after the departure of the train.
Confirmed: you've been alloted a berth but in case seat number is not present while in the PNR status check, it will be given after chart preparation.
Confirmed Tatkal Ticket: This is applicable only for Tatkal tickets.
Tatkal Waiting List: It is applicable only for Tatkal tickets. Keep checking PNR status to know the updated status till chart is prepared.
Regret wait listed: It means no more wait listed tickets can be booked as all berths including wait list quota is over.
Cancelled/Modified: It means either you've removed any passenger(s) or even cancelled it.

PNR Check Procedure

You can type in 10 numeric digits and see the status even after departure of the train. PNR status is frozen after chart is prepared as it is carried over to the TTE's in paper and they have no access to internet online. Indian Railways does not provide any facility to let you know the updated PNR status in case it changes.

PNR status checking procedure explained