Online Access(IRCTC)

Printing E-Ticket without advertisement

Want to remove the advertisement in the ticket before printing?

How can I avail Lower Berth Quota Online at IRCTC?

To avail Lower Berth Quota online at IRCTC you should make sure to enter only single male/female name with qualifying age. For a lady it is 45.

I've forgotten login/password of my account and I want to cancel the tickets?

Without login/passwd you can't cancel the tickets as if allowed, anyone will cancel other's tickets.

Whatever I do I get error message "Value not filled up/ Enter either value etc" while registering?

Check if javascript is off in your browser. Otherwise use another browser. If same problem persists, the check your inputs.

Money deducted but ticket not booked, what to do?

Login into your account, and click the booked tickets. Click the following image and check the red circled links in your account. If you find your transaction then it’s fine otherwise also you’ll get a refund which may take 10 days or so. In the mean time don’t close your bank account or credit card which you’ve used to make payment.

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