Railway ticket quotas explained

There are eighteen ticket booking quotas one can use depending his/her employment, circumstances,age, sex etc. This list is released from Indian Railways. Remember quota and concessation could be different.

SNo. Code Tatkal Quota
1 DF Defence Quota
2 DP Duty Pass Quota
3 FT Foreign Tourist Quota for those holding valid Visa
4 GN General Quota(by default you fall in this)
5 GNRS General Quota Road Side
6 HO Head quarters/high official Quota
7 HP Physically Handicapped Quota(you need to have certificate for this from a doctor)
8 LB Lower Berth
9 LD Ladies Quota
10 OS Out Station
11 PH Parliament house Quota
12 PQ Pooled Quota
13 Quota Description
14 RC(RAC) Reservation Against Cancellation
15 RE Railway Employee Staff on Duty for the train
16 RS Road Side
17 SS Female(above 45 Year)/Senior Citizen/Travelling alone
18 YU Yuva
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