Are there any special facilities provided by Indian Railways for foreign tourists?

Source: As worded by Indian Railways, Government of India

Yes. Foreign tourists who wish to experience India by train, can enjoy the special facilities earmarked for them. These are explained below in greater detail:

Special Quota: Several important trains have a special quota for foreign tourists. This can be availed on payment of US Dollars or Pound Sterling. Tourists without foreign currency, will be allotted the special quota on production of the exchange certificates issued by any nationalized bank. At the time of reservation, the passport number and the country of origin should be mentioned.

Assistance Cells: Major Reservation Centres have special Cells to help foreign tourists plan their itinerary, reserve their tickets and render any assistance required.

The International Tourist Bureau situated on the first floor of New Delhi Railway Station provides personalized service and assistance to foreign tourists and NRIs regarding reservations, itinerary planning and other inquiries. This Bureau is manned by trained staff and tourist guides, fluent in foreign languages. For any assistance, please contact: The Manager, International Tourist Bureau, I Floor, New Delhi Railway Station, New Delhi-110 001. Tel : 011-23405156, 23346804. Fax : 011-23343050.

Indrail Pass: This travel-as-you-please ticket has been created especially for foreign tourists and Indian nationals residing abroad. This ticket is available for a specified time period from I/2 day to 90 days. Indrail Passes should be used within one year of issue. Validity period starts from the date of the first train journey and ends on the midnight of the last journey.

During the period of validity, foreign tourists can travel from anywhere to anywhere on the Indian Railways network without route or train restrictions and without payment of any additional charges.

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