How can I board train in reserved coach if I am not able to get even waitlisted ticket?

Source: As worded by Indian Railways, Government of India

If you don't have any ticket, you may approach the Train Superintendent/TTE after purchasing an unreserved ticket from the booking office as specified in the following table. The TTE will allot the accommodation, subject to availability.

Category of TrainClass of TravelMin. Class of Ticket required for boarding Category of Train Class of Travel the train at originating and intermediate Stations
Rajdhani/Shatabdi IA, FC, 2A, 3A ACC1st Class Ordinary
Jan Shatabdi ACC, 251st Class Ordinary 2nd Mail/Express
Mail/ExpressFC, IA, 2A, 3A, CC, SL, 2S1st Class Ordinary 2nd Mail/Express
Garib Rath Express3A, CC2nd Mail/Express

However, in case you have a second class ticket and could not get reservation in sleeper class and desire to travel in any upper class, you may approach the on-board ticket checking staff, who can upgrade your ticket accordingly subject to availability of accommodation except in Rajdhani/Shatabdi Express trains.

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