Bookings are not allowed as your account has been suspended

Are you getting this message: "Bookings are not allowed as your account has been suspended."

If you get email reply from IRCTC:

Kindly note that user id "______" is deactivated due to Use of autofill Scripts or Enormous hitting on site which comes under Fraudulent activity on NGET site and same can not reactivate.It is not possible to create new account with the same email id and mobile number.


If you use Prevent Too Fast Captcha option in Aam Aadmi Tatkal then your account will not be closed due to "using of autofill scripts".

अगर आप Prevent Too Fast Captcha का विकल्प आम आदमी तत्काल मैं चुनते हैं तो IRCTC अब आपका अकाउंट ऑटोफिल के इस्तेमाल की वजह से बंद नहीं करेगा!.

If you're an agent then IRCTC will close the account automatically after a few months if you book many Tatkal tickets.

Please note that if you're ordinary person you already can't book a Tatkal ticket without an autofill tool. And if you use any autofill then IRCTC will close your account.

Agents are very smart. They use software to book and evertime they have a dozen accounts with them no matter how many of their accounts IRCTC closes. They are always ahead of you.

But now Aam Aadmi Tatkal will help you get ahead of the Agents!