How Much Luggage Am I Allowed To Carry?

Source: As worded by Indian Railways, Government of India

Each passenger is allowed a Free Allowance up to which he can carry luggage with him in the compartment, free of cost.

The Free Allowance varies for different classes of travel. Children aged 5 and below 12 years are allowed half of the Free Allowance subject to the maximum of 50 Kg. You are also permitted a Marginal Allowance as indicated in the table:

ClassMaximum Limit(Kg) Free Allowance(Maximum Limit in Kg) Marginal Allowance for luggage(Kg)
AC First Class 150 70 15
AC 2-Tier Sleeper/First Class 100 50 10
AC 3-Tier Sleeper/AC Chair Car 40 40 10
Sleeper Class(Exp/Ordy) 80 40 10
Second Class(Exp/Ordy) 70 35 10

Luggage beyond the above quantity can be booked in advance and carried in the brake-van.

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