What Are the Prescribed Time Limits For Getting Refunds Across The Counter?

Source: As worded by Indian Railways, Government of India

  1. Where the ticket issuing and journey commencing stations are the same and in cases where they are different (like return/onward tickets), the ticket should be surrendered at the journey commencing station within the following time limits:
    Distance of your journey Time limit for cancellation(After the scheduled departure of the train
    Up to 200 Km 3 Hours
    201 to 500 Km 6 Hours
    Over 500 Km 12 Hours
  2. If the ticket has been issued for travel from some other stations, refund can be obtained at the ticket issuing station before the train departs.
  3. Refund can also be obtained from a station other than the ticket issuing and journey commencing stations. In such cases, the ticket should be surrendered during working hours, before the preparation of Reservation Chart. Refund will be admissible subject to verification.

For trains departing between 21.00 hours and 06.00 hours, you can get a refund either within the prescribed time limits or within four hours of opening of the Reservation Office, whichever is later.

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