Whom do I contact if I have any complaints?

Source: As worded by Indian Railways, Government of India

Indian Railways has a well-organised Public Grievance Redressal Machinery that will take prompt action on any complaints you may have. You can record your grievances in the Complaints Book kept for this purpose at: our Agencies, Town Booking Offices, Major Goods Sheds, Parcel Offices, Reservation Offices, Refreshment Rooms, Pantry Cars, etc.

Alternatively, you could also approach the Public Grievance Redressal Booths at major stations for on-the-spot action.

At the Divisional level. Additional Divisional Railway Managers can be approached for redressal of grievances in respect of their divisions. You can also approach the Additional General Manager of each Zonal Railway, who has been designated as Director of Public Grievances.

At the Ministry level, you may contact Mrs. Sunira Bassi, Executive Director (Public Grievances) at Tel. No. 011-23386203 or Mr. Vinod K. Samuel, Deputy Director (Public Grievances) at Tel. No. 011-23384572. You may also lodge your grievance On-Line at web-site www.darpggrievance.nic.in

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